Music For Choirs, Orchestras, and Soloists
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It is our desire to provide worshipful and accessible music for choirs, orchestras, and soloists.

Our music is available at a "one time" price for each PDF Master copy.  You are then authorized to make as many copies as you need (for 
your choir and instrumentalists only).  There is no 'per copy' fee.  You may print additional copies with your Master if you choir grows or some copies are lost or destroyed.  Anthem PDFs, with permission to make copies, range in price from $10.00 to $15.00, depending upon the length of the anthem. 

Our Full Orchestrations are priced at $25.00 or $30.00.  The bundled Orchestration PDFs include a full score, a string reduction for keyboard, and parts to duplicate for all of your strings, winds, and percussion.

Our Vocal Solo PDF Master Copies are priced at $5.00 each, with permission given to make copies as needed for your soloist and accompanists or rhythm section.  Accompaniment Trax are available for some of the solos, and each Acc. Trax includes a lead sheet.   

We have provided demos of each anthem which will allow you to see the music and hear a computer demonstration.  After you see & hear the music, go to the "Order Page", and you will be directed to our online store.  You can select the item(s) you wish to purchase and place your order quickly and securely by using PayPal. 

If you cannot use PayPal, or if you experience any difficulties with the website or with placing an order, please contact me at my webmail address: 


 Our Featured Music

Our Newest Anthem!

This SSATB anthem tells the complete gospel story and emphasizes the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation.  It features an optional a capella section as well.  Your choir will be challenged musically and spiritually, as they present this powerful song of praise to the King of Kings.  It would be very effective for your Palm Sunday or Easter service, or for general use.

Moderately Difficult  

SATB Anthem   $15.00  (unlimited copies)


Palm Sunday/Easter Music

A message of thankfulness for the incredible sacrifice 
of Christ on the cross, this anthem celebrates the love and 
mercy of God, bestowed on mankind 
because of the willingness and obedience of Jesus.


SATB Anthem  $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration   $30.00
Downloadable MP3 Anthem Trax    $10.00


Here is a new song written about a timeless theme -- 
God's grace.  Features a memorable melody and 
solid four-part writing.  An optional MP3 acc. is available, 
as well as a full orchestration


SATB Anthem   $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration -- $35.00
Anthem Trax (MP3 download)   $10.00


This meaningful anthem is easy to learn and to sing  Written 
in 6/8 meter, it features a portion of the hymn "At the Cross".  
Suitable for Palm Sunday, Easter, or general use.  


SATB Anthem   $10.00   (unlimited copies)
Anthem Trax  $10.00   (MP3 download)     

Hear Sample of Trax

Here's an energetic anthem declaring the Lordship of 
Christ. It is suitable for a service opener, for general use, or 
at Easter. Great for Youth or Adult Choirs!
SATB Anthem  $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration  $30.00

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Other Anthems for
Choirs of All Sizes

Your choir and congregation will be moved by this worshipful
anthem of praise.  Set in a traditional style, this work also 
features a full orchestration.  An MP3 accompaniment is also available.


SATB Anthem   $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration  $35.00
Anthem Trax    $10.00  (MP3 download)

Hear Sample of Anthem Trax


This anthem/worship song utilizes the Korean folk song melody "Arrirang", and features a text based upon Psalm 113:3.  It features easy part writing for your choir, and features an optional small group descant.  A full orchestration is available, as well as a downloadable mp3 Anthem Trax

SATB Anthem/Worship Song   $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration -- $35.00
Anthem Trax (MP3 download)   $10.00


With a moving message of comfort and reassurance found 
in the presence of God, this anthem was composed for 
Regency Park Baptist Church in Moore,Oklahoma, after their buildings were lost in a major tornado, "I Am Here" will touch the hearts of your choir and congregation. 

EASY  SATB W/Orchestration

SATB Anthem   $10.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration  $25.00

Hear Sample of Anthem Trax



This upbeat anthem is a joy to rehearse and sing!  With a message about living a lifestyle of worship, it also works well as a congregational song of praise!


SATB Anthem   $10.00   (unlimited copies)


Perfect for choirs of all sizes, including Sr. Adult Choirs, 
this song is written in an easy, country gospel style. 
The message echoes the reassuring words Jesus spoke 
about Heaven.   Your folks will love it.
SATB Anthem   $10.00  (unlimited copies)

Here's a beautiful SATB setting of the familiar hymn text, 
which features an optional flute obbligato.  You'll love 
the new melody and the way it brings out the meaning 
of the beloved hymn text.
Order the FREE optional flute obbligato separately. 

EASY   SATB W/Flute Obbligato

SATB Anthem W/flute Obbligato   $10.00   (unlimited copies)



Here's a favorite hymn text set to a new melody!  
This anthem features an optional solo at the 
beginning, and is available in several different formats. 
The SATB version is perfect for Adult Choirs and more 
advanced Sr. Adult Choirs, and  the 2-part version is written for 
smaller or less-experienced choirs.  

There is also a solo version with SATB Choir available.  
A solo sheet music version is available in three different keys in our Solo Music section.

EASY  SATB  or  2-Part

SATB Anthem   $15.00    (unlimited copies)
Solo with Choir   $15.00  (unlimited copies)
2-Part Anthem   $12.00    (unlimited copies


Solo Literature

A song about Christ's great sacrifice on the cross


More Music For Church Choirs

With reflective verses and a soaring chorus, this moving, 6/8 anthem
celebrates the incredible attributes of our awesome God.
This majestic musical setting of God's glory is in the current repertoire
the Georgia Baptist Convention's  women's chorus, The Jubalheirs.


SSATB or SSAA Anthem   $15.00  (unlimited copies)
Full Orchestration   $30.00


Here's a rhythmic, energetic anthem of praise that will challenge your choir and inspire your congregation!  It features syncopated
rhythms and multiple meter changes. 
Your orchestra will enjoy playing the score written with the church orchestra in mind. 

Moderately Difficult 

TTBB and SSAA Versions Also Available!!!


SATB, SSAA, or TTBB Anthem --  $15.00    (unlimited copies)

Orchestration     $30.00
Anthem Trax -- $10.00 (MP3 download)

Hear Sample of Anthem Trax


Anthem Trax Now Available!

This anthem text explores the believer's choice to praise
God in spite of circumstances.  Powerful lyrics and an
expressive melody combine to create an affirmation
of unshakeable faith in God.  This anthem has been
sung by both the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma and the
Georgia Baptist Convention's Jubalheirs.

A solo sheet music version is available in three different keys in our Solo Music section.


SATB Anthem -- $15.00    (unlimited copies)
Anthem Trax   --   $10.00  (MP3 download)

Hear Sample of Anthem Trax


A swingin' country gospel tune with a message
for grateful hearts that will take you back to the 
"good old days" of gospel music.

SATB Anthem   $10.00  (unlimited copies)


This 3-part piece is ideal for younger or less experienced choirs; and because the accompaniment is optional, it is a great way to introduce your group to a cappella singing.


SAB Anthem    $10.00   (unlimited copies)


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